Custom Rims $900 to $1000

Motegi SX5
Motegi SX5

Custom Rims $900 to $1000 – Motegi Street custom wheels combine performance and customization. When it comes to pure performance and style, nothing comes close to Motegi Street wheels. With a full arsenal of unique designs and finishes, Motegi Street wheels transform an ordinary ride into a true street fighter.

From the unique directional look of the all new DV5 to the stylish full face DP1 all Motegi Street wheels are designed by world class engineers. All you need to do is choose a style and hit the streets with Motegi ucstom wheels.

Custom Rims $900 to $1000

The Complete line of Motegi Street Custom Wheels

DV5 Anthracite w/Mach Lip
DV5 Black w/Mach Lip
DV5 Chrome Plated
DV5 Silver w/Machined Lip
SP10 Black Painted
SP10 Hyper Black
SP5 Black w/Mach Lip
SP5 Bright Satin w/Machined Lip
SP7 Black w/Mach Lip
SP7 Silver w/Machined Lip
SX5 Black w/Mach Lip
SX5 Chrome Plated
SX5 Silver w/Machined Lip
SX7 Flat Black w/Mach Lip
SX7 Machined w/Flat Black Accent
US7 Chrome Plated
US7 Machined w/Anthracite Accent
US7 Silver Machined w/Clearcoat