Custom Rims $800 to $900

Custom Rims $800 to $900 - KMC Rockstar
KMC Rockstar

Custom Rims $800 to $900 – KMC is one of the premiere Custom Wheel company’s especially in the Off Road business. Their attention to detail and unique designed has changed the look of 4 x4 vehicles. Find here KMC in a variety of finishes including black, chrome and bronze.

All KMC Custom Wheels are crafted with the best materials exceeded all load ratings. Along with a nice set of tires, KMCs will certainly set you apart from the rest.

Custom Rims $800 to $900 For Sale

The Complete Line of KMC Custom Rims

Brodie Chrome Plated
Brodie Machined w/Black Accent
Clone Chrome Plated
Clone Machined w/Black Accent
Ink’d Black Painted
Nova Chrome Plated
Nova Light Grey w/Mach Lip
Nova Machined w/Black Accent
Rockstar Car Black Painted
Floss Chrome
Skitch Black Painted
Skitch Chrome Plated
Slide Black Painted
Slide Chrome Plated
Surge Chrome Plated
Surge Machined w/Black Accent
Swindle Machined w/Black Accent
Vandal Black Painted
Venom Black Painted
Venom Chrome Plated
Widow Black w/Mach Lip
Widow Chrome Plated