Custom Rims $500 to $600

SSR Wheels - Comp-H
SSR Wheels – Comp-H

SSR custom wheels are made of a uniquely structured alloy billets that are molded into a forging press. These aluminum alloy billets are made by a company called Alumax, a leading aluminum manufacturer. Their special process for Aluminum has found it’s way not only in the automotive industry but also in the aircraft industry. SSR and Alumax conducted additional research and development and built their wheel manufacturing plant in Japan to produce alloy wheels using Semi-Solid Forging (SSF) technology. This ultra high tech forging technology creates a very strong and lightweight custom wheel ideal for street and track. Find SSR custom wheels below and many more popular Rims in this price range.

Custom Rims $500 to $600 For Sale

The Complete Line of SSR Custom Rims

Comp-H Anthracite w/Mach Lip, Comp-H Silver w/Machined Lip
Competition Anthracite w/Mach Lip, Competition Silver w/Machined Lip
GT10 Bright Sil w/Polished Lip
GT2 Silver Painted, GT2-H Silver Painted
GT3 Bright Satin w/Polished Lip, GT3 Silver w/Polished Lip
GT7 Light Grey w/Mach Lip, GT7 Silver w/Machined Lip
GT7-H Gold w/Machined Lip, GT7-H Light Grey w/Mach Lip, GT7-H Silver w/Machined Lip
Professor SP1 Black w/Anodized Lip, Professor SP1 Bright Satin w/Anodized Lip
Professor SP1 SBC w/Anodized Lip, Professor SP1 Silver w/Anodized Lip
Type C Anthracite Painted, Type C Black Painted
Type C RS Anthracite Painted, Type C RS Black Painted