Custom Rims $1000 and Up

Custom Rims $1000 and Up - Motegi SX5
Lowenhart LD-1 Custom Wheel

Lowehhart LD-1, the most copied wheel in the industry debuted in 1991 and has been the industry leader in the luxury wheel market.

This classic design still sells, and sadly enough, the copies have sold even more than the original. Most Lowenhart chrome custom rims are available in 19″, 20″ and 22″ dimensions for most upscale luxury passengers cars.

Custom Rims $1000 and Up For Sale

The Complete Line of Lowenhart Custom Wheels

LE1, LT5, LC1, S5R, X1R, LVR, LSR

LDR, LD5, LD1, LT6, LD6, BR5