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22 Inch Rims – Featured Bargain Car Rim
Axis 22×8 Bronze

Axis 22×8 Bronze Five X5F – For 15 years Axis Wheels has been producing some of the best custom rims. The Axis line includes many styles from a retro look to ultra modern, Axis Wheels has you covered.

Find Axis Wheels by size and finish including the 19 inch X5F shown. Axis models include Milano, Milano+, Axis Seven, NE-O, NE0, Orden, Penta, Phin, Axis Se7en, MOD, MOD7, Axis Widetrack, Matrix, Crewe, Crux, Axis Gravity, Axis Shine, Axis Halo, Super Hiro Pinstripe, Mulliner, Mag lite, Maglite, Axis GT-R, Hiro, Axis Decade, Kent, Mag-lite, the Regulator and Oldskool.

Axis 22×8 Bronze Five X5F are priced at about $135.00 each – Here!

22 Inch Rims For Sale

Esinem Floater Custom Wheels

22 Inch Custom Wheels – Chrome Custom Wheels – Dub Esinem Floater by MHT. Find 22 Inch Dub Esinem Spinners 22×8.5 and 22×9.5, 24 Inch Dub Esinem Spinners 24×9 and 24×10 Inch and 26 Inch Dub Esinem Spinners 26×10.

MHT is known for their wide variety of unique styles and brands such as DUB, Foose, Foose Classics, Niche, Jesse James, Driv, MHT Forged Edition and Zane. They handle high end luxury custom wheels like Dub and Dub Spin. At Bargain Car Rims find the products you want, the brands you trust and bargain prices you like.