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20 Inch Rims 20 Inch Strong Rims
20 Inch Rims – Featured Bargain Car Rim
Twenty Inches Strong TIS 537

Twenty Inches Strong TIS 537 537MS Silver 20″ x10 – A custom rim that is dedicated to excellence, styling and design. Where Twenty Inch Strong goes other follow.

An example is the TIS 537 custom rim shown here with it’s remarkable styling and good looks. See Style: TIS 537 537MS, Size: 20X10, Bolt Pattern: 5×112/5×4.5, Offset: 40, Finish: Silver and Backspacing: 7.07.

20 Inch Strong Rims are priced at about $250.00 each – Here!

20 Inch Rims For Sale

Custom Rim 411 – part 7 – What’s Hot In Custom Wheels

What’s Hot In Custom Wheels – SUV Wheel diameters keep getting bigger, with diameter running as big as 28 and even over 30 inches. Some wheel manufacturers and dealers report that even Honda Civic owners are asking for 19s. As body kit shapes change, so will wheels. Wide body kits need extra deep wheels to fill the fenders and manufacturers are filling the need.

There are new wheel finish options such as paint and machining techniques combination on the surface of the same wheel. With new trends in the works there will always be changes in the way custom wheels look. Check out all our Bargain Car Rims resources. Find Custom Rims by price and size plus Wheel and tire packages.