20 Inch Rim & Tire Packages

20 Inch Rim & Tire Packages on 1956 Chevrolet 210
20 Inch Rim & Tire Packages on 1956 Chevrolet 210

20 Inch Rim & Tire Packages For Sale

Tire Tech – Tire 411 – Tire Diameter

Tire Diameter – To calculate the overall tire diameter you only need the size of the original tire. If you want your new tires and custom rims to fit, keep this size the same. You may increase the custom rim size only if you decrease the tire side wall size.

Otherwise some modifications may be need to the fender opening. You must also consider the width of the rim and tires, otherwise additional modifications may be needed. Oversized fitments should be left to professionals.

The Complete Line Of Nitto Tires

Nitto tires are the first engineered for lowered vehicles. The NeoGen achieved a 20% increase in tread life on lowered cars with negative camber compared to the NT450. The inside blocks of the NeoGen reduces tread flex to reduce treadwear. Center tread blocks channel water away. Outside tread blocks are designed to increase contact patch and improve cornering performance.

NeoGen – Ultra High Performance radial V and W performance rated, AA Traction rated, A Temperature rated.
Nt420S – Ultra High Performance all season truck and SYV radial.
Tera Grappler – All terrain light truck radial.
Mud Grappler – Mud terrain light truck radial.
Dune Grappler – Desert terrain light truck radial
INVO – Ultra high performance tire
NT555 – Ultra high performance radial Extreme ZR W performance rated.
NT555R – D.O.T. approved competition drag radial, V and Y performance rated.
NT01 – D.O.T. approved competition road racing radial, W performance rated.