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19 Inch Rims Kyowa Rims
19 Inch Rims – Featured Bargain Car Rim
Kyowa Racing Series 206

Kyowa Racing Series 206 in Hyper Black is an exceptional value for anyone wanting an aftermarket style for their car. These rims are available for cars, CUV’s, SUV’s and trucks and will accommodate most tire pressure monitoring systems.

Kyowa wheels are manufactured under stick quality control stands, light weight, have great strength and durability. One of the best features is a lifetime structural warranty. Most are made of an aluminum alloy for lightweight and performance.

Kyowa Racing Series 206 are priced at about $125.00 each – Here!

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Custom Rim 411 – part 6 – More on Cast Wheels

Casting is the most common method of producing custom wheels. The process basically involves getting molten aluminum inside of a mold to form a wheel. Gravity casting is the most basic process of pouring molten aluminum into a mold utilizing gravity to fill the mold. Since this process does rely on gravity to fill the mold it is not as densely packed and has small air pockets that could create stress cracks. Additionally gravity cast custom wheels will have a higher weight.

Low Pressure casting uses positive pressure to move the molten aluminum into the mold quicker to produce a wheel that is more dense and has improved mechanical properties. Tilt Die Casting is a fairly new process of casting wheels. The mold is tilted to 90 degrees and then the mold is filled quickly and moved back to it’s original position. This process reduced the amount of bubbles and air pockets. Due to the high cost few manufacturers use this process.