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18 Inch Rims American Eagle 507

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American Eagle 507 Hard Rock Series

American Eagle 507 Hard Rock Series custom rims can be found here with free shipping, chrome lugs and center caps. These custom rims are made in the United States, one factory in California and the other in South Carolina.

American Eagle utilizes the most advanced counter pressure casting technologies and CNC machine tools. Some of the best long lasting finishes are available on American Eagle rims.

American Eagle 507 rims are priced at about $1000.00 each – Here!

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Custom Rim 411 – Part 5 – Three-Piece Wheels

Multi-Piece Wheels are usually three parts assembled together to produce a finished wheel. This type of wheel construction was orginally developed for racing in the early 1970s. The orginal benefit of three piece wheels was the abality to change damaged parts without having to replace the whole wheel.

Three piece rim sections offer the ability to custom tailor wheels for special applications. The rim section for three piece wheels are either roll formed or spun forged from blocks of aluminum. Multi-Piece Wheels can use many different methods of manufacturing the center design such as casting or forging. Brands like Brabus, Lowenhart, Lorinser, Maya, Maido, Volk Racing, Racing Hart and 5-Zigen use cast centers. The three piece wheels are most popular on 18 inch and larger wheels with width as large as 13 inches.