18 Inch Rim & Tire Packages

18 Inch Rim & Tire Packages on 2001 Plymouth Prowler
18 Inch Rim & Tire Packages on 2001 Plymouth Prowler

18 Inch Rim & Tire Packages For Sale

Tire Tech – Tire 411 – Tire inflation Pressure Tips

Tire inflation Pressure Tips – Because air expands as the temperature rises, inflation pressure increases after running. It’s best to check pressure when the tire is cold. Special care is required for tire inspection of front wheel vehicles because the front wheels bear a heavier load. If a hot tire shows less than the recommended cold inflation pressure, then the tire is under inflated. Inflate it to the recommended cold inflation pressure plus an additional 10%. As soon as the tire cools down, recheck and set the pressure to the recommended level.

The Complete Line Of Maxxis Tires

The complete line of Maxxis Tires include – MA-Z1 Victra, MA-V1, MA-P1, MA-S2 Marauder ll and MA-S1 Marauder.

MA-V1 is a High Performance Radial. Stylish looks and outstanding performance characterize the MA-V1. It’s flawlessly constructed and performance tested to meet the most demanding conditions. Available in 15-18 inches.

MA-Z1 is a Ultra High Performance Radial. Maxxis Premium performer is rated #1 in wet braking and lowest road noise. The Z1 offers superior cornering and handling on both wet and dry pavement. Available in 16-20 inches.