17 Inch Rims

17 Inch Rims Katana Rims
17 Inch Rims – Featured Bargain Car Rim
17 Inch Rims Katana Rims

Katana wheels have a style all their own and offer sleek styling and high quality that is unmatched by other manufacturers. You can find the lowest price on Katana custom rims for car and trucks here at Bargain Car Rims.

Use plus sizing and fit the larger custom rims you want on your automobile. Today Katana rims are the hottest custom rims on the market.

Katana K125 are priced at about $100.00 each – Here!

17 Inch Rims For Sale

Custom Rim 411 – Part 4 – Two Piece Wheels

Two different processes are used to make wheels – Casting and Forging! These wheels are known as one piece wheels. Some wheels combine a forged outer hoop with a cast center. These wheels are known as two piece wheels and are welded or riveted together to form the wheel. Both the one piece and two piece custom wheels each have an advantage.

Produced in high volume one piece wheels are generally less expensive to make with an offset that will fit many different cars. Two piece wheels offer greater fitment flexibility as the center section can be welded in a number of of places within the rim to create a variety of offsets. This is especially important when trying to fit a car where the front and rear offsets don’t match.