16 Inch Rims

16 Inch Rims Motegi MR128
16 Inch Rims – Featured Bargain Car Rim
Motegi MR128

Motegi Racing is a line of high performance wheels that are available in a variety of finishes and sizes to best suit your vehicle needs. All Motegi wheels go through some of the most stringent testing in the wheel industry so that we can insure your satisfaction with both the styling as well as the quality of the wheel. Motegi Racing understands that your wheels make a statement of how you feel about your car.

Priced at about $125.00 each – Here!

16 Inch Rims For Sale

Custom Rim 411 – Part 3 – Forging

There are two different processes used to make wheels, casting and forging! In general the forged wheels are stronger and lighter than cast wheels.

With Forging, aluminum billets are pressed into dies under extreme pressure, which shape the billet into the wheel. That wheel then goes through a machining – finishing process like the cast wheel. Since the forged aluminum is stronger less can be used without sacrificing structural integrity, which result in a lighter wheel.

With Forging it is hard to create curved spokes and intricate wheel center designs. So you will notice that most forged wheels have straight, flat spokes. Forged wheels usually cost more and weight less.