15 Inch Rims

15 Inch Rims - American Racing Ledge
15 Inch Rims – Featured Bargain Car Rim
American Racing ATX Ledge Chrome Rim

American Racing is a high performance aftermarket custom wheel manufacturer started during the 1960s 1970s American muscle car era. American Racing became famous with the Torq Thrust wheel on muscle cars and hot rods. The American Racing Torq Thrust wheel is considered by some as the most famous muscle car wheel of all time and is sometimes credited as starting the entire custom wheel movement.

Priced at about $195.00 each – Here!

15 Inch Rims For Sale

Custom Rim 411 – Part 2 – Casting

Two different processes are used to make wheels – casting and forging! In general terms forged wheels are stronger and lighter than cast wheels.

To cast a wheel, molting aluminum is poured into a mold and allowed to cool. This forms the basic wheel shape. When it comes out of the mold it is machined to remove excess aluminum, cut in the bolt pattern and hub circle and size to the mount pad. Then the wheel is finished by polishing, painting and plating.

Cast wheel cost less and is designer friendly, unlike forged wheels. However, it takes more aluminum to make a cast wheel and using more aluminum adds weight. One example weights 15 pounds forged and the same cast wheel weights in at 20 pounds.