14 Inch Rims

14 Inch Rims Enkei Rims
14 Inch Rims – Featured Bargain Car Rim
Enkei Performance EDR9 in silver.

Attractive 9-spoke design. This Enkei custom rim is part of their performance series and represent the absolute best combination of styling, performance and value.

Available in 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18″ sizes and wheel widths 7 and 8 inches, wheel offset 45, wheel backspace 5.78, wheel bolt pattern 5×100, wheel hub bore 72.6 and includes a center cap.

Priced at about $139.00 each – Here!

14 Inch Rims For Sale

Custom Rim 411 – Part 1 – Wheel Types

Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy or Steel. Why aluminum? As with tires, wheels fall into some basic categories, all of which have to do with their construction. Almost all the high performance and aftermarket wheels in the import tuner segment are made from aluminum alloy. Although people used to call them mags years ago. Mag was short for magnesium wheels, which were popular with racers in the 1960s for their light weight character. Mag wheels burned when they got to hot though, so their use was short lived.

Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy are lighter and stronger than steel and weight is a big issue with wheels. Along with the tires and brakes, wheels are considered “unsprung” weight, meaning they are not supported by the vehicles suspension. If you can reduce the weight of your wheels, you will find your handling to be much better and more responsive, as the steering system won’t require as much effort to push them around. Plus, taking off weight in general helps you to go faster. So an Aluminum Alloy wheel is a win win situation.