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Bargain Car Rims – Is 30 inch rims the new twenty? These days our customers want bigger and better custom wheels. They also want a choice of chrome, aluminum alloy, black rims, color matched rims and more.

Aftermarket wheel and tires are a multi-billion dollar industry that has grown tremendously in the last few years. Each year wheel and tire manufacturers introduce new products and advanced technologies. At Bargain Car Rims we have created a marketplace which brings more custom wheel options, more custom wheel styles and even more custom wheel information for you the consumer. All at a bargain price.

Wheel & Tire Packages - Car Rims

Wheel & Tire Packages – You will spend less when custom wheels and tires are purchased as a package. Buy 4 custom rims and tires of your choice mounted, blanced and matched to your vehicle, arriving at your home ready to un-box and mount.

You can get away with larger diameter rims because of lower profile tires. We recommend Nitto low profile tires with all Wheel and Tire Packages for your car, truck or SUV.

Wheel & Tire Packages

Tires – Take a good look at this tire. It is not cool looking and it doesn’t smell good. However, you got to have them. So why not buy Tires where they are the cheapest, right here at Bargain Car Rims. Your source for Bridgestones, Cooper, Dunlop, Firestone, General, Goodyear, Michelin, Uniroyal, Mickey Thompson.

Plus performance tires and low profile tires from Aurora, Falken, Kumho, Nankang, Pirelli, Sumitomo, Toyo, Wanli, Yokohoma and our favorite Nitto. Our entire line of tires have been designed to effectively address the demand of day to day driving. All season durablility, confort and handling are key benefits throughout the line.

Tire Accessories

Tire Accessories – This professional digital tire pressure guage is easy to use, accurate and it comes in a slim stylish package. Your source for 10 to 20 different digital tire pressure guages at a price you can afford. It is important to keep the pressure of all four tires at the proper pressure. Because when it comes to tire safety, everything rides on it.

Other Tire Accessories you will find in this category include – tire chains, brake dust shields, new and used jacks, tire pressure sensor monitor, tire repair kits, designer tire covers, wheel wax, portable air compressors, lockable tire pressure valve caps, and tool kits.


Vintage Hubcaps – Our Vintage Hubcaps or wheelcovers are perfect for your restored classic car, custom car or truck, rat rod or lowrider.

Custom Hubcaps – These Custom Wheelcovers are also known as aftermarket wheelcovers and usually sell at a fraction of OEM hubcaps. They are made of tough, durable and rugged ABS plastic.

Replica Hubcaps – also known as OEM or replacement Hubcaps. These hubcaps or wheelcovers look just like the factory original but at a fraction of the cost.

Valve Stem Caps

Valve Stem Caps – Keeping tabs on your tire pressure has never been easier. These 4 screw on Valve Caps replace your car’s existing caps with just a twist no tools are required. Not only do they give you the PSI reading for each tire, they also turn green when your tires are at normal pressure levels. When the green fades to red, it’s time to pump some air.

Check out the bolt in chrome Valve Stems for a better seal and no leaks. The Chrome finish on these valve stems will match your chrome wheels perfectly. Find them here in packs of 4. We also have theft proof valve stem caps. That’s right no more stolen tire valve stem caps.

Wheel Adapters

Wheel Adapters – We have a large selection of Wheel Adapters that let you run larger custom wheels on your car, truck or SUV. They are especially useful when increasing the size of custom wheels on dually trucks. All adapters bolt directly on to your axles.

Wheel Spacers can be used to accommodate wider custom wheels and tires. Check out this “other” category as you will find some of the products mentioned above.

Center Caps

Center Caps – A wheelcover covers the entire wheel while a hubcap or center cap covers only the center of the wheel, or simply the hub.Center Caps are sometimes a decorative disks that are installed on an automobile’s wheels that adds up to good looks.

At Bargain Car Rims you will find wheel center caps for most make and models. Popular caps like American Racing, all OEM center caps, truck centercaps and vintage center caps.

Wheel Lugnuts

Wheel Lugnuts – Everyone should know that a lug nut is used to secure a wheel to an automotive vehicle. Described as being a nut with one rounded or tapered end and used to secure a wheel to it’s axle wheel studs on most OEM and custom wheels. The tapered end of a lug nut is used to center the wheel accurately to the axle and reduce the chances of the nut to loosen.

Did you know that Lug Nuts are a popular wheel accessory? At Bargain Car Rims you can find OEM lug nuts, chrome lug nuts, lug nuts in different colors such as red and blue, lug nut caps, Acron Lug Nuts and lug nuts that lock so your wheels stay safe.